“99% Citizen Tax Enforcers” Deliver “Bills” to Tax-Dodging Corporations

This week, a team of “99% Citizen Tax Enforcers” started preparing for tax day by delivering “bills” to tax-dodging corporations. The bills aren’t “official” but they are a reminder of exactly why we’re facing state and federal budget holes when we all pay our fair share of taxes. Monday, we delivered a $895 MILLION “bill” delivered to Exelon and CEO John Rowe; on Tuesday, a $665 Million “bill” for Chicago Mercantile Exchange CEO Terrence Duffy; Wednesday, a $1.9 Billion “bill” for Bank of America; and, Thursday, a $26.5 Billion “bill” to GE.

Pizza Party

Rep. Joe Walsh recently held a pizza party to raise funds for his re-election campaign and we decided to deliver the Tea Party Congressman a special pizza with a large “1%” in pepperoni and a tiny piece with “99%” in anchovies, representing the stinky, upside-down deal Walsh and the GOP are delivering to working Americans. Watch the fun unfold.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Romney

On Tuesday, March 20, Stand Up! Chicago welcomed Mitt Romney to town with a human red carpet, inviting him and his 1% supporters to walk on the 99% to get into the Hilton for the midday $1,000-a-head fundraiser his campaign was holding. By lying down on the ground in front of the hotel’s entrance, underneath a regal red carpet, we demonstrated how his “Tax the Poor” policies trample the 99% and benefit the very wealthy. An oversized Corporate Welfare King puppet, replete with a Romney button on his lapel, stomped on the carpet and called for his flesh-and-blood counterparts to join in. Romney’s policies, according to the Tax Policy Center, would force poor families to pay 60% more in taxes while giving the very wealthy an additional tax cut of 15%.

CEO Craig Donohue Gets Mic Checked!

When CME Group CEO Craig Donohue traveled to an energy trading industry conference in Houston, expecting a warm welcome from his fellow 1% executives. What he got was a special greeting from an unexpected source – a welcoming delegation of working families, standing in for the taxpayers of Chicago and Illinois.

After being greeted by dozens of protesters with Good Jobs Great Houston outside the University of Houston’s Melcher Hall, Donohue entered to deliver the keynote luncheon presentation at the Eighth Annual Energy Trading Conference. Before he could launch into more than a few words of his prepared address, he was cut off by the resounding call for a “Mic Check” as four protesters rose to their feet, and delivered the following message:

“Mr. Donohue, as you stand here today, preparing to give the 1% tips on how to get even richer, you are 1,000 miles away from the struggling families of Chicago and Illinois and they are further from your thoughts, even though CME will line its pockets with over 1 billion of their tax dollars over the next ten years.”

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