Stand Up Chicago has been here with the people of United States since 2012. We know that it is a difficult thing for a person not to have a job especially when you have a family to support and take care of. Having a source of income is of utmost importance. This is why we decided to create an organization that aims to help people find more opportunities for them to get a job. It wasn’t always easy to get a job as well no matter how skilled you are. Sometimes you can only even rely on just luck. So we want to upgrade this luck by looking for job opportunities with you. Such is best for those people who got laid off due to economic reasons, who got terminated from the previous job, or those who are looking to work immediately after they graduate. We do not give you a job. What we give you is a higher probability of being hired.


Some people in our organization also struggled in getting a job once upon a time. We know the hardships and we know how difficult it is to watch your family suffer with you in this hardship even if you don’t want them to. That is why we can empathize with you. Thankfully, many people support this organization and the project we make. Most of these people are like what we mentioned – those who struggled to get a job in the past. They take part in our advocacy to help those who need it to find the job they are qualified for. This makes our organization bigger and more capable of giving opportunities to others when it comes to finding job opportunities.


Stand Up Chicago is in partnership with different companies, and businesses which help provide job opportunities to those qualified employees who seek help from the organization. Sometimes, these companies also help people start their own business through business financing especially since such move helps create other job positions as well. There are even job fairs these companies occasionally where they get to meet and greet potential employees from all over the United States. It wasn’t easy but we were able to provide people a helping hand and that’s all that matters. We are thankful that we can help out the people in Chicago and we hope to do the same thing to other people in other places in the future.