Time to Raise the Minimum Wage

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Last week, thousands of people in cities across the country rallied to raise the minimum wage. In Chicago we had a full day of actions, culminating with several hundred people marching to the Aon Center to tell Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce that We Can’t Survive on $8.25!

Check out this highlight video of the exciting day of action.

It didn’t take long for the U.S. Congress to act. Last Thursday, Rep. George Miller of California and Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa introduced their bills to raise the minimum wage, with hundreds of co-sponsors who are siding with the 99%. Good news: Sen. Durbin is a co-sponsor of the Harkin bill.

But the real fight will be the House of Representatives. Please urge your Member of Congress to support Rep. Miller’s bill by clicking here.

Here’s what Rep. Miller’s bill would do:

  • raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.80 an hour by 2014
  • establish automatic annual increases to the rate to keep pace with the rising cost of living – known as indexing
  • raise the minimum wage of tipped workers from $2.13 per hour to $6.85 over 5 years (after that it would be 70% of the minimum wage)

We need to fight on the state level too—by supporting Senate Bill 1565, which would make a real difference in the lives of low-income people by increasing the Illinois minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.65 an hour over 4 years, indexed to inflation.

Tell your federal and state elected officials: the 99% need a raise – and the 1% can afford it.


Let’s make it happen!

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