Stand Up Chicago can help out people and let them find jobs by introducing them to different companies

Helping Out Chicago


We all know that there are a lot of organizations and groups that are actively pursuing their own advocacies or programs. They help society in their own ways and give others help even in their own little things. These organizations vary in size. Sometimes they come from small groups and from different places. There are those bigger organizations too who have local branches but are affiliated to international organizations. Contrary to what many believe, even without joining an organization, we could still help other people by supporting these organizations’ projects, joining seminars they host, and those activities they come up with. An organization is only able to support their advocacies because of the number of their volunteers and through the help or support that other people give them. It is also because of teamwork. Nothing works better than cooperation and working with others for a good cause. Sometimes, it is still good to be a part of a team and be able to work on something altogether.


I personally didn’t have any experiences with an organization before, but I do know some organizations in our place so I was able to get to know more about these things. After we had our garage door replacement in Tempe, AZ and my car back from the repair shop, I instantly moved to a new house in Chicago for my work. There I met my old friends and found out about the organization they are supporting – the Stand Up Chicago. Since I’ve been curious about organizations and I also wanted to try out new things in my new place, I joined this organization. They were very interested in helping families and other people in getting jobs and sustaining their own families. As someone who struggled financially before, I agree with the organization’s vision that we must help other people and give them opportunities to have jobs suited to their qualifications. We cannot give them a job easily but we can help them find a lot of options that they can choose from.


It turns out that Stand Up Chicago can help out people and let them find jobs by introducing them to different companies, job opportunities, and people they can work for. Sometimes, they also hold job fairs that are very helpful when it comes to job-hunting. I used to come to these job fairs in Tempe and I’ve known how hard it was not to get considered for the position you are applying for. This is most especially since you are supporting a family that isn’t financially stable. I supported my family for a short time back when my dad lost his job. Good thing the situation got easier after my dad found a new job with the help of this site. He was even able to help me graduate college which allowed me to have an edge against other job hunters in Tempe.


It was a struggle for the whole household if the breadwinner suddenly loses his or her job and cannot support the family anymore. This is the reason why I became more interested in joining the organization while I work in Chicago. It wasn’t really that hard and I was able to manage my time well. Besides, supporting and helping out the people in Chicago makes me feel really good. It’s like reminiscing about those times when we struggled in life but were able to get back to our feet and make things better. It’s not going to be easy for everyone but the best thing to do is help out each other while we can.